depth as we live it, part 2

In my last entry, I began to muse about depth, using my experiences with hypnosis and with multi-stable illusions like the Necker Cube. My interest in depth connects quite directly to my work as a psychoanalyst, where an encounter opens the mundane into different dimensions of experiencing. In my last post, I was especially interested […]

depth as we live it, part 1

As a psychoanalyst, I often think of my clinical work in terms of depth. How do the moments in a session gain momentum, and go deeper? How does the work shift from the pleasantries of greeting and recounting the events of the day or week to concerns that touch something more central to a person’s […]

greetings from the lifeworld!

Lifeworld, Lebenswelt, le monde vécu. An entry into a special space, a way of engaging, describing, thinking about and breathing into everyday life as we live it. This is something at the heart of the phenomenological enterprise, something also central to the kind of attention and dwelling that is part of psychoanalysis. As a psychoanalyst trained in […]