greetings from the lifeworld!

Lifeworld, Lebenswelt, le monde vécu. An entry into a special space, a way of engaging, describing, thinking about and breathing into everyday life as we live it. This is something at the heart of the phenomenological enterprise, something also central to the kind of attention and dwelling that is part of psychoanalysis. As a psychoanalyst trained in phenomenological thought, I intend to use this blog as a space for reflection, for unfolding ideas that capture my personal verve in developing a particular kind of engagement between phenomenology and psychoanalysis. Although theoretical and philosophical, I’ll explore the intimate details of subjective and intersubjective experiencing, will use this space as a place for reflection and hopefully discussion about what psychoanalysts call process, the unfolding moments of an encounter.

This will be a place for exploring experience as we live it, something that is fundamentally sensual and sensuous. This implies experiencing as an embodied tasting, touching, smelling, hearing, seeing form of feeling into the world. It’s hard to capture such fullness in language, but that’s the joy and challenge of this venture. Let’s see how it unfolds!

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